An American independent label
Welcome to 300.

300 Entertainment takes the traditional model of a recorded music company and flips it. The innovative boutique media and entertainment platform, led by Kevin Liles, puts artists first across genres, architecting career development with the mindset of an independent, but with the muscle of a major. Independently funded, owned, and operated, the company has nurtured and developed some of the most prominent and culturally important artists of the decade.

The platform was founded by top level industry executives who had vacated high-profile positions at other companies in order to rally around a new model, focused on getting their hands dirty. Recognizing the changing tides and the proliferation of streaming, their plan focused on digital from day one. And with a track record that includes some of the most successful campaigns on an international scale, 300 Entertainment proves that when you are passionate about your artist, the sky is the limit.

With only seven years under its belt, the company has seen over 45 billion streams, over 150 Platinum/Gold/Diamond Certifications, and 10 Grammy nominations.

300 Entertainment has proven that a nimble, passionate, and ambidextrous team can compete with companies five times their size. But most importantly, their artist first and collaborative approach has grown and inspired a new generation of true Independents.

In hindsight, what is risk?

We believe risk is just a label –
A projection of doubt from others.

Fuck 'em.

Risk is not risk to the passionate –
To the dreamers;
To the determined;
To those who trust guts for glory.

Risk is good.
Risk is uninhibited.
Risk is faith in change for the better;
For fulfillment – for freedom – for truth.

For what?
Our legacy is ours to create.

Fear fear.


300 Entertainment
New York, NY USA