300…Independence is in our DNA.

The freedom to create. The freedom to be an entrepreneur. The freedom to write your own future.

We’re a family of choice who empower with purpose. We are fearless. We are creative. And we serve with passion. For artists who create songs that change the world and music that makes a difference. We provide the resources without the bureaucracy and bullshit. And we tailor our partnerships to fit the dreams of those who choose our family.

We’ve seen how others do it. At 300, we are not them. We’re built differently. We live the belief there’s no one way to express yourself. We accept the responsibility of freedom, and we’re willing to pay the price.

That’s why 300 isn’t a place for everyone. But for those who call 300 their home, it’s a way of life.

In hindsight, what is risk?

We believe risk is just a label –
A projection of doubt from others.

Fuck 'em.

Risk is not risk to the passionate –
To the dreamers;
To the determined;
To those who trust guts for glory.

Risk is good.
Risk is uninhibited.
Risk is faith in change for the better;
For fulfillment – for freedom – for truth.

For what?
Our legacy is ours to create.

Fear fear.


300 Entertainment
New York, NY USA